How To Create a Shopify Store for Dropshipping

A Shopify dropshipping store forms the base for a dropshipping business. Creating a Shopify store is very easy, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert. This article will guide you through the steps for creating a traffic-driving Shopify dropshipping store. Also here, you can find an exclusive AdSpy Coupon Code MEGADSPY with which you can get access to AdSpy at a very low cost.

Steps To Create Shopify Dropshipping Store

Step 1: Head over to and the very first thing is to put in your email address and click Start free trial.

Step 2: Create a password and enter your store name. It could be anything representing your niche. Then click Create your store. You can even change your store name later.

Step 3: Provide answers to questions like “Are you already selling?” “What is your current revenue?” “Which industry will you be operating in?” and “Are you setting up a store for your client?”

Step 4: Add an address that will be used as your default business address and click Enter my store button.

Step 5: Once you enter your store, the first thing you should do is to add a theme to your dropshipping store. So go to “Online Store” in the left panel and after it loads, choose a theme.

Step 6: Go ahead and click on Explore free themes and select your desired one that is mobile-friendly. Preview it and see if everything is good to go.

Step 7: Click on Customize theme and make the necessary changes. Always put yourself in the shoes of your customers and accordingly build your Shopify dropshipping store.

Step 8: Compress the images that you are using on your store, in order to make your store load faster. Because people don’t prefer slow sites.

Shopify store is easy to edit and the drag and drop options allow even a newbie to create a stunning store.

Step 9: Add your logo on the top left.

Step 10: Add Menus to your dropshipping store based on your products and peoples’ interests. To discover trending products and peoples’ interests, make use of our $75 AdSpy Coupon. Explore the tool at an unbelievable price. Use code AFFSAVE now.

Step 11: The next important thing is to edit your cart page.

Step 12: Add social media links.

Step 13: Do extensive product research in your niche and start adding them to your store. 

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Step 14: Save your work.

Step 15: Click on Settings and there you will find the general settings where you will have to provide your business information. Make sure to use the Google Analytics feature to track your store visitors. 

Also make sure to set up things like Checkout, Shipping and Delivery, Taxes, Location, Notifications, Gift cards, Files, Sales Channels, Plan and Permissions, Store language, Billing, etc.

Test Your Order System

To test your system, you can simulate a transaction using Shopify’s Bogus Gateway.

Using the Bogus Gateway:

  1. From your store Admin, click Settings, then Payments to go to your Payments settings
  2. If you have a credit card gateway enabled, deactivate it before continuing. (Click Edit, then Deactivate, then confirm your deactivation.)
  3. In the Accept credit cards section, click Select a Credit Card Gateway to open the drop-down menu.
  4. Scroll down the list to Other, then click (for testing) Bogus Gateway.
  5. Click Activate (or Reactivate, if you’ve used the Bogus Gateway before).
  6. Go to your storefront and place an order as a customer would. At checkout, enter the following credit card details instead of genuine numbers:

Testing a real payment gateway with a genuine transaction:

  1. Make sure you’ve set up the payment gateway you want to test.
  2. Make a purchase from your store as a customer would, and complete checkout using genuine credit card details.
  3. Cancel the order immediately, to refund yourself and avoid paying transaction fees.
  4. Log in to your payment gateway to make sure the funds went through.

Step 16: Add a domain name to your store in order to make it live. There are two ways to add it.

  • Add the new domain in Shopify – In the Shopify admin, on the left navigation go to Settings and then Domains and add your domain name using the ‘Add an existing domain’ button.
  • Update DNS records – Login to your domain registrar and make the changes.


Dropshipping will help you gain a lot of profits when you have a great Shopify store and implement real-time working strategies. Hopefully, you would have got an idea about creating the best Shopify dropshipping store. Make your store live and see your dropshipping business scaling up! Also, use AdSpy Free tool and find winning dropshipping products.